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Entering and Staying in Slovakia – Visa and Residence

This part aims to give you – university students and PhD students coming to Slovakia – an overview of the formalities towards the national authorities related to your stay in Slovakia. 

It will help you identify the entry and residence procedures as well as documents you will need in your specific situation. If you want to know what duties you need to meet to get through the formalities smoothly please follow the sections below. To get customised information, you can also access an online click-through navigation application.

Please note that this text is only informative and was elaborated based on information available and valid for the year 2020; it does not contain exhaustive information about the stay of foreigners in Slovakia in general, and it gives no right for claims or legitimate expectations of any kind. You can find more detailed information in Act No. 404/2011 on the Residence of Foreigners. Please note that the English version might not reflect recent law amendments.

Duties of EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals Coming to Slovakia

Duties of Third Country Nationals Coming to Slovakia - Visa

Duties of Third Country Nationals Coming to Slovakia - Temporary residence

Useful Addresses for Visa and Residence Permits

Authentification of documents