Full-time PhD Study

Scholarships of the Government of the Slovak Republic for doctoral degree programmes

  • to students from countries eligible for the Official Development Assistance (ODA) - Kosovo (in accordance with the Resolution of UNSC No. 1244/99), Sudan. The list of eligible countries may vary every year.
  • for persons with Slovak Living Abroad status - Croatia, France, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine.

Studies can be carried out only at public universities in Slovakia and are held in the Slovak language. The Scholarships of the Government of the Slovak Republic include a scholarship for a 10-month language preparation course in the case that the applicant has not completed his/her previous education in the Slovak Republic.

Applications are submitted online.
Deadline: 30 May.
Scholarships are awarded by the Assessment Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

Special status of PhD students 

Full-time PhD students are considered to be students, not employees; hence a university is not in the position of their employer in relation to their social and health insurance. All admitted PhD students (including from outside of EU/EEA) are entitled to a PhD scholarship during the full-time doctoral study. PhD scholarships provided by the state are exempt from the income tax.