Photo: Shutterstock / kovop58

Public Holidays

The following days are official public holidays in Slovakia:

January 1st Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic
January 6th Epiphany
March/April  Good Friday, Easter Monday, set according to the Christian Calendar, check the specific dates of the respective year after arrival 
May 1st Labour Day
May 8th Day of Victory over Fascism – End of World War II in Europe
July 5th St. Cyril and St. Methodius Day
August 29th Slovak National Uprising Anniversary
September 1st Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic
September 15th Day of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows
November 1st All Saints’ Day
November 17th Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
December 24th Christmas Eve
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th St. Stephen’s Day


People usually do not work on these days; banks, post offices, shops, healthcare providers’ outpatient rooms are closed; public transport offers a reduced service (esp. buses and trains). Some restaurants or cafés might be open though.