Living Costs

Prices provided bellow give an idea of how much living in Slovakia costs. These costs are just approximate and they are subject to change.



Guest room at a students’ dormitory: from €12  per night

Bed in a dormitory: from €60 per month

1 bedroom flat: from €350 per month including utilities (in larger towns the prices are higher, especially in town centres)

2 bedroom flat: from €450 per month including utilities





Lunch at a canteen: from €1.60 

Restaurant meal: from €5 

Pizza in a pizzeria: from €4 

1 litre of milk: €1

1 litre of mineral water: €0.40 

Loaf of bread: €0.90 

400 g spaghetti: €0.80 

Beer: €1.20 



Local transport, basic ticket (single): from €0.50 to €1.40

Local transport, monthly ticket/travel pass: from €20 



Bratislava – Košice, 445 km: from €21

Bratislava – Žilina, 203 km: from €9.50

Bratislava – Banská Bystrica, 230 km: from €10


Bratislava – Košice: from €18.50

Bratislava – Žilina: from €10

Bratislava – Banská Bystrica: from €10



Taxi within Bratislava: app. €0.60 per km

Petrol per litre: from €1.20

Diesel per litre: from €1.10 


Having Fun

Movie ticket: €3 – €8

Museum ticket: from €2 

Theatre ticket: €3.50 – €20 for drama, €4 –  €35 for opera and ballet

Fitness centre ticket: from €3

Swimming pool ticket: from €1.50

Rent a bike: from €8.80 per day



Most shops are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, till noon on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays. However, there are no strict regulations and many shops are open longer and some for 7 days a week, esp. most of the souvenir shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping centres.