Daily life in Slovakia

Discover the possibilities of finding accommodation for international students, from dormitories to renting a flat or a room.

Whether you drive your own car, ride a bike or use public transport, in this section we will guide you through the crossroads of Slovak transport options.

Health and Medical Care
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And when sometimes the apple is not enough, read this section to orient yourself in the Slovak health care system.

Student Life
Find out tips on student organizations, opportunities and links to get you oriented in Slovak student life, as well as various perks available to students in Slovakia.

Living Costs
The prices provided in this section give an idea of how much living in Slovakia costs. These costs are just approximate and they are subject to change.

Slovak Language
The official language spoken in Slovakia is Slovak. It is one of the most interesting and complicated languages in the world.

There is plenty of opportunities to get active in Slovakia, be it in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Here, you can find tips on what to do to get your body moving during your stay in our country.

Culture & Media
From traditional dance events, through exceptional Slovak theatre to modern art and summer festivals, the Slovak cultural scene is bustling with quality opportunities to feed your thoughts and soul.

Events & Festivals
Throughout the year, Slovakia offers various kinds of festivals, events, fairs or markets. In this section, you will find the most famous and biggest annually organized cultural and traditional happenings.

Slovak cuisine is based on a variety of traditional and European products and ingredients. Find out which dishes are the most traditional and loved among Slovaks.

Institutions & Services
Read about banks, telephone operators, and other service providers in Slovakia.

Public Holidays
From internationally celebrated holidays to national anniversaries, find out everything in our calendar.