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About Slovakia

Slovakia in Brief
When was the Slovak Republic established? Which are the largest cities in Slovakia? And what nationalities form the ethnic mix in Slovakia? Discover basic information about the Slovak republic.

Mountains, lowlands, valleys, lakes, cave formations, forests and meadows provide many examples of Slovakia's year-round natural beauty.

Political System and State Bodies
The Slovak Republic is a parliamentary democracy and its Constitution guarantees equal rights for all citizens. Learn how the political power in the country is divided.

Languages Spoken in Slovakia
In addition to the official language, which is Slovak, people you meet in Slovakia are able to communicate with you in one (or more) of the other languages: English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Polish or Roma.

According to the latest census in Slovakia, 76% of people have registered as believers with the largest population professing a Roman Catholic (62%), Evangelical (5,8%), Greek Catholic (6,8%) and Reformed Church (1,8%). In addition, there are another 14 churches registered in Slovakia.

Slovakia and UNESCO World Heritage
Slovakia is proud of fourteen treasures that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists (List of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity). Discover their impressive richness.

Famous Slovaks
Several famous Slovaks have left their mark on history and contributed to the world's treasure in the field of art, science and technology, or politics. Find out their works, discoveries and contributions to humanity.