INTERVIEW: Dr. Poomanee spent a research stay in Slovakia "Young researchers must travel!"

Discover the experience and thoughts of Dr. Poomanne from Thailand, who spent her research stay in Slovakia. What activities did she participate in with doc. Salamon from University of Prešov? Read about her research, stay in Slovakia and her opinions about travelling and science. 

Dr. Poomanee came to Slovakia from Chiang Mai, Thailand via the National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic.

This article was originally published in  Na Pulze 3/2021, University of Prešov magazine. We are very grateful to doc. Šalamon and the publishing team for allowing us to share their article on our website!

Source: doc. Šalamon photogallerySource: doc. Šalamon photogalleryDr. Poomanee and her journey to Slovakia

The spread of COVID-19 brought about many restrictions, closing of borders and strict measures affecting our daily lives. But against all odds, Dr. Poomanee´s research stay at the University of Prešov was successfully completed this summer.

SAIA strives to guide the scholarship holders to the successful realization of their stays in Slovakia and issues measures tackling the current situation. Also thanks to this, in august 2021 Dr. Poomanee managed to spend a fruitful month at the Department of Ecology in Prešov, Slovakia.

Dr. Worrapan Poomanne is a researcher working at the Department of pharmaceutical sciences of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Chiang Mai, ThailandChiang Mai, Thailand


As a researcher in the pharmaceutical field and a lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the career characteristics and objectives are to professionally provide the basic and advanced knowledge to undergraded students before their acheivement of Bachelor degree of Pharmacy as well as to conduct the research in pharmaceutical point of view using the boundaries of various scientific fields and to internationally publish the novel information. In particular, my expertise is regarding inventing the advanced technologies of topical formulations such as nanoemulsions, niosomes, liposomes that contain natural extracts for skin rejuvenating purposes. 


Is it important for young researchers to travel and take part in international research stays and internships? 

To gain complex knowledge and experience, young scientists must travel and take part in many research stays. This way they enrich themselves with new research and development practices from other universities all over the world. Moreover, working with an internationally renowned professor raises their career motivation and creates a sets an example for these young researchers.


Source: doc. Šalamon photogallerySource: doc. Šalamon photogalleryWhy did you choose University of Prešov and what were the goals of your stay? 

The goals of staying at this university are to accomplish an important part of the scientific research regarding the analysis of phytochemical constituents of Thai natural extracts, to gain career experience in natural sciences as well as to practice the research skills of phytochemical analysis with Prof. Dr. Ivan Salamon and the international institutes and companies. The reason for choosing the University of Prešov is the outstanding expertise of Prof. Dr. Ivan Salamon in natural products, essential oils, and phytochemical science which potentially provide valuable experience for me.


Were there any difficulties regarding the COVID-19 epidemic during your way from Thailand to Slovakia?

COVID-19 situation in Thailand at the moment is very tough. Almost twenty thousand Thai people are reported to be infected by SAR-CoV-2 per day. Last month, European United announced that Thailand is regarded as a country that is not safe from COVID-19. Undoubtedly, up-to-date EU entry regulations for Thai people are more complicated and do not permit Visa for travelling. Therefore, in my case, I submitted the required documents to the Thai government for issuing the Thai official passport using the invitation letter from Prof. Dr Ivan Salamon. The required documents such as RT-PCR results, health insurance, and vaccine certificate were very important to be prepared before travelling.


Source: doc. Šalamon photogallerySource: doc. Šalamon photogallery

What do you think about the lives of people in Prešov and Slovakia?

Slovak people are punctual and self-disciplined. Everyone strictly follows society rules. Also, the professor and the owner of the accommodation were so kind, supportive, and helpful for everything.


How was the cooperation with prof. Dr. Ivan Salamon and what programme did he prepare for you?

Research cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ivan Salamon regarded the phytochemical analysis of Thai natural extracts by using HPLC analysis. Also, the programs prepared for me during my research stay were to visit MediPharm, Co. Lipany in order to study the lyophilization and practical works with analytical equipment, to visit Calendula, Co. in Nova Lubovna, which runs a professional institute of phytochemical analysis, to visit Agrokarpaty Pty Ltd. in Plavnica to observe the large scale tea production and cultivation of medicinal plants and to visit VULM, Ltd. in Bratislava, the leader in the pharmaceutical company in Slovakia.


Will you ever return to our country?

Of course, I will return to Slovakia and also next time with my friends, family and colleagues when the situation is safer and becomes normal. I expected that the output of this research cooperation will be at least one international publication consisting of phytochemical data of Thai natural extracts, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ivan Salamon and the University of Prešov.



Dr. Poomanee spent a research stay in Slovakia via National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic. You can also apply for a study or research stay in Slovakia! Learn more by clicking here!